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Meet Goldie, she was born in 2011 up in Denver, Colorado by the highly specialized company called EarthRoamer. She is also the first, the one that spearheaded XV Rentals and has given many people an amazing experience with her robust and powerful design that gives you safety and comfort even in the most inclement of weather and terrain.

She has state of the art systems and everything you would ever desire. Need to level her? No problem, the built in leveling system lets you use compressed air in the suspension system so you can level the XV-LT with ease! Worried about getting stuck? Well, front and rear winch will give you the advantage you need!

All in all, she gives plenty of space with the conveniences of royalty packaged together in a tough and hardcore off road riding machine!


Lucy handles as well on the road as well as off

Lucy handles as well on the road as well as off

Say “Hi” to Lucy - built on a 2006 Ford F-450, and although just a little older than Goldie, she is still packed to the hilt with features to give you an amazing experience on and off roads less-traveled!

It’s nice to turn heads as you drive by knowing you are one of the few in such a unique vehicle, but even better knowing you have all the luxuries of an RV… and can go even further than where the road warriors have to stop and turn around. With Lucy, you can continue pressing onward and know that no matter how tough the world gets you will drive with reliability and safety.

Ruby Exploring in the Rampart Range


 Meet Ruby, she can go where the others cannot, with the smaller frame, shorter wheel base, and all the amenities of base camp coming with you. With a queen-size bed, full-size fridge, sink, cooking set, shower, even a toilet, even the most comfort-seeking adventurer can find a home in the middle of real life you find yourself.